Deep Healing Desert Retreat

Come experience Sedona. A recognized energy vortex that will assist in balancing the masculine and feminine energies. Enjoy meditation, sound healing, forest bathing and classes designed to improve your self-care practices and manifesting your best life!

Thursday May 20th - Sunday May 23rd


Guided Meditation hikes, Snowshoeing Adventures & Wellness Retreats

Improve Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Rejuvenate your mind and soul and leave your worries and stresses behind with our peaceful guided meditation hikes. Get up in the peaceful serene snow covered mountains and enjoy the beauty of winter on snowshoes, followed by a guided meditation. Want to learn more about how to truly take care of your mind, body and soul? Want to do it while staying up in a beautiful cabin in the woods? Contact us to learn more about these guided meditation hikes, guided snowshoeing meditation hikes and our wellness retreats.

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