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Guided Meditation hikes, Snowshoeing Adventures & Wellness Retreats

Reset your mind, body and soul with some nature therapy.

Rejuvenate your mind and soul and leave your worries behind with our peaceful guided meditation hikes. Get up in the peaceful serene snow covered mountains and enjoy the beauty of winter on snowshoes, followed by a guided meditation. Or choose one of our meditation hikes with added yoga by the lake for a full mind - body - soul reset!

Want to learn more about how to do a full reset of your mind, body and soul? Want to do it while staying up in a beautiful cabin in the woods? Contact us to learn more about our weekend wellness retreats.

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Meditation Hikes & Retreats: Pro Gallery
Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor

Upcoming Events & Retreats

School Kids Meditating

Kids Mindfulness Class

Wednesday October 26th @ 5:30 p.m.

Cost: $15.00

Allow your kids to come and learn about how meditation, breathwork and mindfulness practices can help them cope with everyday stresses; allowing them to be more self aware, less reactive and more calm so that they can think more clearly and make better choices in stressful situations. 

We will go over the basics of meditation, pranayama (an old breathwork technique to help recharge the body while clearing the mind of the chatter) and some basic mindfulness practices to help them live a happier, less stressed life. We will provide light refreshments/snacks, meditation pillows for them to use and an hour of fun activities and learning! There is only a limited amount of 8 spots available so reserve your spot in advance online to guarantee they can come!

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